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The Miletus Covenant Connection

Fellowship of Christian Churches & Ministries

The Miletus Covenant Connection is a fellowship of Christian churches and ministries, assembled by the Holy Spirit, where is He leads through Bishop Roderick Mitchell.  The fellowship provides leadership to pastors, ministers and congregations in provoking unity and harmony in advancing the cause of Christ. MCC and its membership speak as one, brining glory to God through Christ Jesus.

Purpose:  MCC was birthed as a result of Bishop Mitchell’s move into the office of Bishop in 2003.  His mandate, as given by the Holy Spirit, is to provide a personal and spiritual connection to MCC members.  From a practical point, MCC’s purpose is to:

a) Emphasize, encourage, and promote the Christian faith and Ministry;

b) Provide a spiritual covering for apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelists, and teachers of like precious faith;

c)  Provide insight for oversight to ministers connected to MCC;

d) Provide spiritual counsel to its members through personal contact. Telephone, email, and group settings, such as conferences, workshops, ingathering, and worship services;

e) Provide instructions, teaching, and counsel to its members in church and ministry leadership functions; and,

f) Respond to the emergence needs of its members who ask for assistance.

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